Sunday, December 23, 2012

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G-string and v-string

When they first appeared on the scene, g-strings initially made many of us think, "You want me to pay how much for just a couple inches of material that I'm going to have to pick out of my backside all day?" Naturally, we came to realize that g-strings alleviate the very unflattering panty-line. While most of us own a couple go-to pairs for that reason, if you wear these exclusively you tend to be confident and hip. You more than likely


Bikinis are a nice mix of fashion and comfort. If you stock up on bikinis whenever you find them on sale, you are likely the kind of girl that subscribes to the notion that being comfortable doesn't mean you have to look like a nun. Bikinis are sort of the mullet of underwear, in reverse: business in the back, party in the front. Much like Marie Osmond, you are probably a little bit country and little bit rock-n-roll.

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